Power Transformers

Power Transformer Design and Manufacture

Free State Transformers is an established designer and manufacturer of industry leading, durable Power Transformers. These quality products are manufactured to strict IEC standards.  Our ISO 9001:2015 certification underlines the quality of all our products.

Power Transformers
Power Transformers up to 40 MVA!

Free State Transformers manufactures power transformers up to 40 MVA / 132 kV

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What is a Power Transformer?

A power transformer is a static device used for transforming power from one circuit to another without varying the frequency. This is a very simple definition of a transformer. Because there is no moving or rotating component, so a transformer is introduced as a static device. Power transformers perform based on an AC supply. A transformer operates on the rules of mutual induction.

  • RANGE: 3 MVA to 40 MVA
  • PRIMARY VOLTAGES: up to 132kV
  • TAPPINGS: Off-circuit Tap switch (OCTS) or on-load Tap Changers (OLTS)
  • TAPPING RANGE to customer specification
Power Transformer Range

Our quality power transformer range includes:

  • Power transformers up to 40 MVA / 132 kVA