Solar & Wind Application Transformers

Solar & Wind Application Transformer Design and Manufacture

Free State Transformers is an established designer and manufacturer of industry leading, durable Solar & Wind Application Transformers. These quality products are manufactured to strict IEC standards.  Our ISO 9001:2015 certification underlines the quality of all our products.

Solar & Wind Transformers by Free State Transformers
Solar & Wind Transformers by Free State Transformers
Solar and Wind Application Transformers!

The transformers required for wind power and solar DPV require special design features to meet the challenging operating conditions.

Transformers are an essential component in the production and distribution of solar energy. There have been two main types of transformers as step-up transformer and step-down transformers from non-renewable energy sources.

For transformers used for solar projects, it is necessary to design with high durability, stable, and long-term operation. These transformers operate with low voltage input, which are solar inverters influenced by high-order harmonics, DC components generated during transport operation change the solar panels.

There are different solar transformers, including distribution, station, auxiliary station, pad mounting, and grounding. All solar transformers have special needs that affect the cost of the machine.

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