Inverter / Rectifier Transformers

Inverter / Rectifier Transformer Design and Manufacture

Free State Transformers is an established designer and manufacturer of industry leading, durable Inverter / Rectifier Transformers. These quality products are manufactured to strict IEC standards.  Our ISO 9001:2015 certification underlines the quality of all our products.

Inverter / Rectifier Transformers!

These transformers cover a large range of configurations. The IEC60076 standards lists 19 configurations, most of the configurations were developed in the era of Mercury-arc rectifiers and have less relevance since the development of high current thyristors (silicon controlled rectifiers) and more advanced devices such as GTOs & IGCTs. The two commonly used rectifiers are the three phase bridge rectifier and the 6 phase double star with inter-phase transformer (IPT) which requires a dual secondary winding transformer design. The normal bridge rectifier uses a normal 3 phase design. We offer extended delta, phase shifted transformers where impedance and voltage matching is critical in a twelve pulse plant.

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