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Our Mobile Oil purification plants are designed to purify the largest generations and transmission transformers in South Africa’s electricity.

Our Mobile Oil purification plants are able to reduce unnecessary client costs of removing a transformer and transporting it to a repair facility in cases where a transformer is not damaged. These plants also assist our customers in reducing their facilities down time in a large manner.

Our Specialised Oil purification plants are capable, through each pass to :

Improve dielectric strength up to 70kV with new Oil.
Remover moisture from 50PPM down to approved SANS specification.
Remove gases from full saturation with air down to less than 1% by volume.
Remove 98% of particles over 0.5 micrometer or over 1 & 5 micrometer as per the customers requirements.

Our Oil purification results constantly impress our clients. The final results of our oil purifications are benchmarked according to the stringent Eskom 32-406 specification for transmission and generation transformer oil.

Services Listing

1. Oil Sampling on Transformers and Mini Sub Stations

2. On Site Repairs on Transformers and Mini Sub Stations

3. On Site Transformer Oil Purification

4. Regeneration of Oil

5. On Site Electrical Testing

6. On Site Inspection of Transformers and Mini Sub Stations

7. Thermal Imaging on all Connections

8. Data Base Management of Clients Transformers and Mini Sub Stations

9. Servicing of Ring Main Unit


Free State Transformers offers the following additional Services :

1. Inhouse transformer refurbishment and repairs including complete rewinds, re-gasketing, vacuum treatment, drying of cores, sandblasting, spray painting and complete testing of Transformers according to SABS specifications and standards.
2. We repair and replace leaking gaskets, neoprene cone rubbers, bushings, inspection covers, on-load tap changers, conservators and valves.
3. We repair and refurbish standard and special type Miniature substations.
4. We also offer purification, regeneration, supply and testing of Transformer Oil.
5. We supply and test protective relays.
6. We also supply silica gel and breathers.
7. Infrared surveys.

Free State Transformers also purchases redundant and obsolete scrap Transformers.


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